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The Brush Buddy was specifically designed to encourage enjoyment and continued use of the brush. How many times have you, the occupational therapist, not even been able to get close to a child when only using a surgical brush for proprioceptive input and desensitization of overly sensitive skin? Its unfamiliar look and hundreds of bristles can be intimidating for young children. But now your clients will love being brushed once you use a cuddly and soft Brush Buddy. And parents, how many brushes have you lost as soon as you brought them home because they have no sentimental attachment? Now with the Brush Buddy your child will love being brushed and ask for it by name. Enjoy your favorite new calming friend that has been tested and loved by kids of all ages.

Product Use:

The formal use of the Brush Buddy, along with the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol, should be set up by your occupational therapist. Remember, never brush in an upward direction or use on bellies or faces. Ask your OT for specifics.

The brush comes fully assembled and ready for you to enjoy. Uses include Wilbarger Brushing Protocol and desensitization of a highly tactilely sensitive child. Other uses include assisting with body awareness, calming tool before bedtime, and reawakening the nerves to the arms and legs after loss of sensation due to stroke of other neurological disorders.


Some children may want to use the Brush Buddy themselves due to decreased comfort with adults in their personal space. It is possible to teach the child how to use the Brush Buddy to aid in calming and desensitization. Children may also use the Brush Buddy to brush their dolls or stuffed animals while the parent or OT brushes the child.

Care and safety:

The Brush Buddy can be hand washed or placed in a mesh bag for machine wash. Lay flat to dry. Can also clean bristles of brush with a wet cloth. Brushes should be used on only one client at a time or clean between clients. Do not use on open sores, rashes, or wounds. Should only be used on healthy, non-irritated skin. Can be used for children one year old and older. Supervise young children during use.


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