A pediatric occupational therapist.

Exercises for the Classroom

(increases attention for students with either low or high arousal)
  1. Isometric exercises- Press arms together bending at the elbows (praying position), press together for 10 seconds as hard as possible (3-4x) (can use wall instead)
  2. Chair push-ups – lean oof of chair, keeping handsd on, legs out far, and bend at the elbows (8-10 reps /2-3x)
  3. Flea exercise- pretend there is a flea on the child’s arm, rub with other hand hard 10x, flea jumps to arms and legs, keep rubbing, shake arms, shake legs, flea falls on floor, jump 10x, flea against wall press for 10 seconds
  4. Wheelbarrow walking – have child on floor, hold legs and have them walk on arms
  5. Animal walks- elephant, crab, cheetah, snake, sea lion, horse
  6. Short breaks to run, spin, hop, skip
  7. Hokey Pokey, Simon Says
  8. Heavy work in the classroom- moving chairs, desks, books, wiping board


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