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Fun Treatment Strategies for Early Intervention

Oral Motor
  1. Vibrating toothbrush to suck on - decreases tactile sensitivity
  2. Drinking through a small straw increases lips strength
  3. Food items to lick Popsicles, lollipops, etc - increases tongue strength
  4. Placing yogurt (any sticky substance) on top lip, cheeks, lower lip - works on tongue control
  5. Biting on soft bagels/pizza crust - increases jaw strength
  6. Blowing bubbles and whistles increases lip strength
Fine motor/Visual motor
  1. Popping bubbles clapping them or poking with finger
  2. Manipulating small puzzle pieces or food items - works on tip-to-tip pinch
  3. Stacking blocks, pegs, legos, etc.
  4. Pushing car on track
  5. Hitting a balloon back and forth
  6. Placing items in container
  1. Playing in various textures such as sand, bubble baths, food items, grass
  2. Use bath time to introduce new textures-sponges, bubbles, scents, toys
  3. Introduce foods with new textures slowly (days to weeks) once the child is able to touch it and then smell it eventually he/she will eat it - it has to be fun
  4. Bouncing, swinging, spinning, rolling - will increase sensory awareness


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