A pediatric occupational therapist.

Resources for Parents

  1. brighttots.com - great site for recommended toys
  2. eparent.com - Exceptional parent – Helpful articles, information, and advertisements for families of special needs children
  3. kidscrafts.com - great resource for holiday and seasonal craft activities, have printable worksheets
  4. feat.org - This site provides information to parents of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders including Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), and Asperger’s Syndrome, and to professionals about FEAT, its goals, organization, and how FEAT can help families, as well as to provide information about other available resources.
  5. cureautismnow.com - updates and other links regarding the fight against autism
  6. sinetwork.org - site dedicated to giving parents information on sensory processing disorder
  7. kidshealth.org - general health and development from birth through adolescents
  1. Louder Than Words - A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism - By Jenny McCarthy
  2. The Out of Sync Child - By Carol Kranowitz, MA
    -What to expect with a child that has sensory processing difficulties
  3. The Out of Sync Child Has Fun - By Carol Kranowitz, MA
    -Fun strategies in regulating a child’s sensory system
  4. Sensory Integration and the Child - By Jean Ayres, Ph.D
    -The guru in sensory integration
  5. Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and PDD - By Karyn Seroussi
    A Mother’s Sory of Research and Recovery
    Website: www.autismndi.com
  6. Sensorcises – Active Enrichment for the Out-of-Step Learner - By Laurie Glazener
    -Sensory exercises

Occupational Therapy Supplies (Catalogs)

Company Website Phone Number
Abilitations abilitations.com 800-850-8602
Pocket Full of Therapy pfot.com 800-736-8124
OT Ideas otideas.com 877-768-4332
Sammons Preston sammonspreston.com 800-323-5547
Therapro theraproducts.com 800-257-5376
Pro-Ed proedinc.com 800-397-7633
Sensory resources sensoryresources.co 888-357-5867
Beyond Play beyondplay.com 877-428-1244


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